I’m Bee, an author in love with the paranormal!

Hey there, I’m Bee—a wild-hearted word conjurer with an unapologetic love affair with all things paranormal! Ever since I stumbled upon my first ghost story as a kid, I’ve been hooked on the spine-tingling, the mysterious, and the downright supernatural. Armed with a quirky imagination and a pen that’s practically a magic wand, I’ve been weaving tales that blur the lines between this world and the next. From mischievous spirits to love-struck vampires, my stories are like a rollercoaster ride through the fantastical, inviting you to believe in the extraordinary. So, grab a cup of tea, cozy up, and let’s venture into the unknown together—because who says ghosts and ghouls can’t be our best literary companions? Let the paranormal party begin! 🌙✨👻

My Stories

Garrick and Ericka's story

Can an arrangement marriage survive a mettling pack, a small town and an unclaim kitten.

Jo and Sam's Story

 Can a 1980 ghost find a place in a professional gamers life and help him win the next world champion.

Lyn and Jamie's Story

Can a 90’s drag queen vampire reinvent his coven’s make up empire in time for fashion week while falling for his adorkable asistant.

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Paranoramal Conference 20?? is back and I am so excited to have a booth and be part of the romance ghost tropes author panel this year!

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Romance Ghost Tropes Author Panel

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