Review submission

Review submission

Reviews are a necessary and essential part of selling your book. Finding reviewers to review your book can become overwhelming.Our review submission makes the process simple and takes the busy work out of your hands so you can get back to writing.Our services come in blocks of 25 meaning we will try to find for you a minimum of 50% to maxim 100% of the block you order for your book. We can not guarantee that we will get to 100% because some genres and formats are more popular than others but we usually get as close as possible. For example there are more audiobook reviewers every year!


What kind of reviews:

That is up to you. If you would like us to submit for you to paid reviewers we can do that but our price does not include ad spend in other words you would be responsible for the cost of the paid review.Otherwise we find free reviewers(usually bloggers) in your books genre to read and post about your book. This usually does not include bookstagrammers or book tok influencers because they are usually paid or have sponsors from either publishing companies or PR specialists who use them specially for their clients. 


What we do:

We take the review kit that you provide and submit it to the number of reviewers you select in your package. We also follow up with one email to make sure the kit was received and to find out if they will be doing the review and when and where it will be posted. We maintain a spreadsheet  that we share with you so that you can check on the process at any time.


What we do not do:

We do not provide the kits (arc copies, media kits, etc) If this is something you need help with please contact us for more information.

We do not write the reviews ourselves.

This is not a blog tour. Blog tours have a timeline and other components  to be successful. If you would like a blog tour put together for you please see our tour section.

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