Book Launch Planning

Book Launch Planning

Planning a book launch is an exciting thing to do but it can also be difficult. There are lots of books and online courses available that dump as much information on you as possible. However, How do you know what would work best for you and your personality? How do you know what  will make the most of your budget?   Plus having someone to talk all the possibilities through could save you infinitesimal amounts of time and money. Get started today!



What you’ll get:

Two: hour and half google hangouts sessions to talk about you, and your needs and goals.

A Plan of action to help you achieve those goals (this can be a pdf or google doc)

It will include checklists, worksheets, and tools tailor to you from what we talked about. 

Follow up emails during a 3 months period to help you on your journey 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Leonardo da Vinci